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Okay, so you noticed that Canapa is launching Acqua (next week!), a water soluble CBD formulation. But…what is different about this tincture compared to Spettro and Puro?

Well, there is actually a lot different about this little bottle! This blog post is going to be…a little heady, but we think it is worth putting the information out there, so you can see for yourself what makes this such a unique product.

The Official Process

Our sister company, Scientia Labs, has developed a nano-emulsion process to make CBD water soluble. To make CBD water soluble, the cannabidiol molecule (or oil containing the molecule) must be emulsified by creating a micelle. A micelle is a sphere of phospholipids (like lecithin) that creates a highly bioavailable lipophilic core (a tiny oil droplet containing CBD) that is separated from the bulk water. Surfactant molecules can be used to stabilize the emulsion, preventing micelle rupture and the undesirable oil-water separation.

We feel strongly that fewer ingredients often indicates a cleaner product, so we have worked to minimize the number of ingredients needed for stabilizing a micelle emulsion. We dissolve our CBD isolate into MCT oil and create an aqueous solution of sunflower lecithin, quillaja saponin, and potassium sorbate. This oil is then sonicated (vigorously vibrated) in the water solution in small batches to ensure homogeneous emulsification. The lecithin forms the micelle’s shell, while the quillaja saponin acts as a surfactant increasing the gap between the lecithin and the surrounding water molecules once water is added. Potassium sorbate is added to prevent bacteria or mold growth, ensuring a safe, aqueous product that can be added to any food or drink with minimal flavor.

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How To Use Acqua

The great thing about our Acqua water soluble tincture is that you can really add it to everything. It is meant to be added to beverages, not necessarily to be taken on its own (but hey, you do you). You can add it to smoothies, coffee, wine, juice, water…the possibilities are endless. It is a flavorless, odorless product, but a little cloudiness is normal! The current belief is that water soluble products are more bioavailable than non-soluble products, so as always, start slow and work your way up as needed!

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