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Clean, Consistent, Compliant CBD


Elegant Efficacy

Canapa is the pinnacle of precision. We start with the highest quality hemp from Horn Creek Farms, then employ our thoughtful, thorough, meticulous extraction processes and technology developed and built in house specifically for hemp extraction. There is attention to detail in every aspect of our products from the non-hemp ingredients to the packaging. Not only does Canapa extract the hemp to make CBD, but we also extract over half of the non-hemp ingredients, which are just as deliberately chosen as the hemp we use. The result is not just clean, consistent, compliant CBD...Canapa is elegant efficacy.

CBD Curious?

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Clean, Consistent, Compliant CBD

Canapa fuses unique hemp extraction techniques with quality ingredients to create clean and effective CBD products. We believe that just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it should taste bad. Canapa makes every batch of every product from our lab in Oregon. Canapa empowers customers to decide what CBD product is right for them by not just providing quality products, but radical transparency and education.


Meet The Founders

Molly and Rubin came to this wild industry for three reasons - a passion for CBD, a frustration with the lack of transparency in the industry, and chronic migraines.